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Business With Purpose

At Shift, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our design team works directly with clients, enabling us to shape their brand together. By building lasting partnerships year over year, we learn our clients’ businesses and become experts on their brands.

Our project process is both efficient and effective, consistently producing highly creative deliverables. By seamlessly blending strategic thinking with creativity, we offer more than beautiful graphics, we create purposeful and effective design.


Direct to Design

Collaborating directly with the design team allows for better communication and better results


Seamless Marketing Support

We work specifically with in-house Marketing teams


Streamlined Work Flow

We prioritize easy project intake and simplified process


Responsive Communication

Our efficient team offers fast response to inquiries and projects


Reliable Deliverables

We are deadline focused, keeping projects on track and on time



Our unique process results in consistently excellent marketing deliverables

Our Team

Meet our team

David Padron


With over 25 years of agency experience, our founder, David serves as the creative lead on design and graphics. With years of leading creative teams, his work bridges a wide range of design styles and pulls from his background as a fine artist. David is committed to keeping his work fresh and stays up to date on current trends and technology.

• Master of Arts in Graphic Design, Arizona State University
• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, California State University, Fresno

David Padron

Creative Director | Visual Design

Jodi Bearden


As a founder at Shift Creative, Jodi is a strategist, designer and a brand builder. Her thoughtful approach develops the foundation on which great brands are built. From campaign strategy and messaging to copywriting and brand development, her work seeks that spark of authenticity that creates engagement. Jodi brings over 25 years of business management experience to the Shift Creative team.

• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, California State University, Fresno
• Associate of Fine Arts in Liberal Arts, Monterey Peninsula College

Jodi Bearden

Creative Director | Strategy & Branding


The year was 1994, the class was Offset Printing with Dr. Gullickson. On a September morning, amidst greasy-based inks and industrial paper cutters, two fresh-faced design students first met. A fast friendship was formed. They planned their class schedules together, consulted with each other on projects and laid the foundation for a working partnership that would shape their careers.

Twenty-five years later, having worked as the creative team in multiple agencies, our founders realized their dream of forming their own agency. With a vision to conduct business more effectively and a goal of supporting positive change in the world, Shift Creative was born.



  • Graphic Design USA Packaging Awards – Del Cabo Top Seal Packaging


  • Marcom Awards – Kracken Branding, Platinum
  • Marcom Awards – Calpine Branding Campaign, Gold
  • Marcom Awards – Volcano Produce Website, Gold
  • Marcom Awards –  Del Cabo Top Seal Packaging, HM
  • AAF Awards – Volcano Produce Website, Bronze
  • American Digital Awards – SunPatiens Website
  • American Digital Awards – Volcano Produce Website
  • American Digital Awards – Michele Paape Listing Presentation
  • American Digital Awards – YWCA of Hawaii Island Email Campaign
  • American Digital Awards – SuperCal Email Campaign
  • American Graphic Design Awards – Calpine Branding Campaign
  • American Graphic Design Awards – Del Cabo Top Seal Packaging
  • American Graphic Design Awards – Sakata Ornamentals Booth
  • American Graphic Design Awards – Carnival Pop-Up Ad
  • American Graphic Design Awards – Carnival Fruit Punch Packaging
  • American Graphic Design Awards – Monterey Mushroom Seasonal Labels
  • American Graphic Design Awards – Sakata Tomato Campaign


  • Marcom Awards – Sunview Ad Campaign, Platinum
  • Marcom Awards – Hawaiian Chieftain Branding, Platinum
  • Marcom Awards – Michele Paape Branding, Gold
  • Davey Awards – HomeGrown Catalog, Gold
  • Davey Awards – SuperCal Branding, Gold
  • Davey Awards – Sakata Sustainability Campaign, Silver
  • Davey Awards – New Horizon Branding, Silver


  • America GD Awards – HomeGrown Campaign
  • America GD Awards – Preacher’s Daughter Branding
  • America GD Awards – Wolf’s Tale Logo
  • America GD Awards – Whipped Drinks Packaging
  • America GD Awards – Shift Creative Branding
  • America Web Awards – Sakata vegetables Website
  • America Web Awards – Bobalu Website
  • Davey Awards – Whipped Drinks Packaging, Silver
  • Davey Awards – Stella Bella Ad, Silver
  • Davey Awards – HomeGrown Catalog, Silver
  • Davey Awards – Sweet Carnival Ad, Silver
  • Marcom – Yoga Sociale Branding, Platinum
  • Marcom – Soil Solutions Branding, Gold
  • Marcom – Sweet Carnival Ad, HM
  • Marcom – Bobalu Website, HM

We believe in doing work that matters.

Being passionate designers means working on projects that we care about. Shift takes special interest in work that brings positive change to the world, supports local economies, reduces hunger, encourages sustainability and promotes social good.

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    What Our Clients Say

    SHIFT is a creative agency unlike any other. The SHIFT team brings invaluable vision, inspiration, and design savvy to every project. I’ve entrusted SHIFT with creating and reshaping pivotal B2C and B2B brands for Sakata Seed America, as well as extensive corporate branding for our business. Their ability to tackle and overdeliver on anything thrown their way is remarkable. I consider SHIFT our ‘secret weapon’ to promotional success!
    Alicia Suits
    Senior Marketing Manager, Sakata Seed America
    The team at Shift were an absolute pleasure to work with. From conceptualization to finished product they demonstrated excellent communication, design acumen, and market research skills. They helped me to better understand my own company and branding as we went through the process together. This has been a huge factor in my business success. I couldn't be happier with how our company's branding and website turned out.
    Dean Traylor
    Owner, Yellowfin Knife
    I reached out to Shift because we liked a few of the logos they had done. Little did I know how much additional work they put in to not just create a logo, but to build the brand. Jodi and David spent a ton of time understanding our business, listening to how we want our customers to feel, our expansion plans going into the future, and they put together an absolutely beautiful package that is going to be our foundation for building the experience unique to our business. Shift can look at trends in apparel and merchandise and produce designs that stand out in the current fashion. Shift can take financial reports and make them beautiful for investors. Shift can be a creative arm for your company. I highly recommend them.
    Matt Wilson
    Owner, Hawaiian Chieftain
    Shift helped me realize a branding that went beyond a logo. Sometimes its hard to put into words what you’re looking for, as you are so impassioned by your fledgling business, yet their team helped formulate multiple options from the conversations we had. In the end I fell in love with the portfolio they presented. I highly recommend Shift for giving that personalized touch.
    Aric Yeverino
    President | The Dirty Bird, LLC
    Shift is remarkable! They created my brand resulting in an online and print identity that truly reflects me. This branding has solicited remarkably positive feedback from clients and colleagues alike.
    Michele Paape
    Realtor®(S), Hawai'i Dream Properties
    A succinct review of Shift Creative is easy and straightforward. They're creative, inquisitive, prompt, thorough, strategic and as a bonus, a lot of fun to work with. I strongly recommend them for any project small to large.
    Phil Gruszka
    Marketing Director, Gruszka Consulting
    Shift Creative created my farm brand, Kalōpā Makai Farms. Branding takes a special talent. They got to know me, understood the aesthetic I liked and what I was looking for in a brand - vintage farm - but modern and clean. Really is there even such a thing? Not only do I love my brand, but I regularly get comments from my customers how much they like it too. That has to tell you something, because of all the things I sell and produce, the look of my brand gets the most comments. I would highly recommend Shift Creative to anyone who wants to brand their company. Not only are they creative and professional, they are patient, enthusiastic, and just a pleasure to work with. Shift is truly the best in the business.
    Deborah Chai
    Owner, Kalopa Makai Farms
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