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Brightening the World

We could all use a reminder to find beauty in the little things. A simple flower can change the world. Let's start at home! Sakata Seed America's Ornamental division produces thousands of ornamental varieties and provides not only seeds to dealers and retailers, but also cultivates plants in their commercial greenhouse facility. The Shift Creative team developed the 2021 marketing campaign, Brightening the World, to reconnect us with life's little pleasures. We provided theme, messaging and copywriting, along with campaign and brand graphics, event materials, print and digital collateral, advertising, email marketing, signage and more....

Sunview Marketing

Sunview Marketing has an established line of proprietary grape varieties. Critical to their operations is their sales collateral, advertising and event materials. Shift Creative helped establish a clean and contemporary look and feel for their marketing materials and created consistency by extending this look across all of their grape varieties. Our annual ad campaigns help keep the brand fresh in the B2B sector with high impact graphics which are themed for each proprietary variety....