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Kalopa Makai Farms

Perched upon the cliffs of the scenic Hamakua Coast with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, you will find Kalopa Makai Farms. A model for modern sustainable agriculture, Kalopa Makai farms holds to traditional values of self-sufficiency and quality that can only be found in products made by hand. Known for their hand-harvested, hand-roasted, small-batch estate coffee, they produce a myriad of farm crafted products, including hand pressed avocado oil, soaps, jellies and jams, teas and more. Shift Creative was brought in to help create a cohesive branding identity and help build campaign, packaging, event and marketing materials. To capture the unique spirit of this business we brought in a vintage craft feel to reinforce the handcrafted nature of their products and tie into the proprietor's personal style....

Bobalu Berries

When you have a company named Bobalu, your branding has to have a personality to live up to the name. With a great story, this family-owned, wholly hand-picked strawberry company was ready to do more with their brand. We helped transform their marketing, starting with a brand redesign which extended to their online presence with a new website and digital marketing campaign. We focused on the key elements that make Bobalu special, the commitment to a quality product and the family that has made this company their life. With bright fun colors and a contemporary feel, the Bobalu brand personality is irresistibly charismatic. Come on a walk with Bobalu!...