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A Super New Brand

Shift was engaged to help with a complete rebrand for SuperCal® petunias. A nationally distributed retail brand, SuperCal® are a proprietary petunia hybrid. Covered in enormous flowers, SuperCal bring outrageous color and outstanding performance for home gardeners. A cross between a petunia and a calibrachoa, SuperCal's colorful flowers are uniquely resistant to heat and rain and they easily shed spent blooms, a pain point for standard petunias. The new brand evolves their previous logo, maintain brand equity and ties in the Petunia product identifier to help with consumer product recognition. The new design is bold and colorful, like the product and reproduces well across a variety of media. Rolling out to stores in Spring 2022, the new branding will be seen on flower pots, tags, in-store promotional materials and the new consumer website. SuperCal ]can be found at garden centers and home improvement store across the country....

Seeding Change

Sakata Seed America is dedicated to using innovation to bring about a positive change in the world. This is the foundation for their business and products and also for their commitment to caring for the Earth and its people. As part of their sustainability program, Sakata Seed America began implementing sustainability measures at their facilities nationwide. Shift was approached to assist in the presentation and reporting of their sustainability initiatives with report, presentation and website design and content development and copywriting. The Seeding Change campaign brings together Sakata's vision and action in a narrative way while reporting data and project details....

Solutions for Soil

Sakata Solutions provides a diverse range of quality soil substrates to help growers in all sectors to flourish. While dirt may not hurt, it can be a challenge to market a product that most people don't spend a lot of time considering. The Shift Creative team was brought in to help bring the Soil Solutions brand to life. With bold colorful graphics and fun illustrative accents paired with vibrant commodity images, Sakata Solutions now has a distinct style and personality that it can own. With new campaigns launching and event appearances to make, Sakata Solutions is a brand on the grow!...