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Yellowfin Knife & Forge

The application of heat and force allows metal to be sculpted in amazing ways. This discovery has been the foundation of much human advancement. The art of metallurgy is so important that the ages of history are actually marked by the metals that humans understood how to work. Yellowfin Knife & Forge, an artisan metalworks, was born out of a passion for this traditional skill. Forging custom knives and selling knife making supplies to other metalsmiths, Yellowfin is best known for their locally sourced, sustainably harvested exotic Hawai'ian wood knife handle materials. With a clientele of some of the industries best known craftspeople, Yellowfin has established itself as a high-end craft supplier. Shift Creative was brought in to help with the start-up of this brand. We created an edgy and bold branding system to speak to the character of the artisans who participate in this craft. The logo form was inspired by the fin of Hawai'i's famed tuna from which the company derives its name. Shift created supporting materials including shipping and packaging supplies and digital materials....