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Jodi Bearden

Principal | Creative Director

As a founder at Shift Creative with nearly 25 years of industry experience, Jodi is a brand builder, a designer and a strategist. Her work is idea work, bringing a thoughtful approach to design and building the foundations for great campaigns. 

It is a special kind of job that requires you to be a writer, an artist and a mastermind. It is not the job for everyone, but for Jodi, it is the only job that she could ever truly love.

Jodi’s design work prioritizes user engagement and connecting with the target audience. What the work says and who it reaches is just as important as how it looks. With a love of historic design styles and a bit of fun, you will find and a unique voice in her designs.

David Padron

Principal | Creative Director

Creative Director and founder David brings his unique creative voice to all of the work at Shift. With a broad range of experience and specialties, David is an expert designer and art director. David approaches each project as an opportunity, bringing a fresh perspective for solving unique design problems. HIs background in fine art and foundational understanding of graphical styles, composition and layout brings knowledge and artistry to the creative process. 

From bold and contemporary to classic and traditional, David’s work bridges all design styles. Committed to staying fresh and present, he is constantly developing his professional skills, bringing a wide range of influences and inspirations to his work.